The Fairview NetZero Club was founded in 2008 by six Fairview High students, Cindy Zou, Shannon Burke, David Diamond, Hannah Karpel, Signe Burke and Carolyn Brent, for the purpose of making Fairview a green high school.  It is also our objective to learn how to become effective community activists.  We strive to do highly visible projects that impact as many people as possible and make permanent changes.  Having made an impact on Fairview, in 2011 we expanded our goal of impacting Fairview to greening the Boulder community.

Fairview attends Boulder City Council to Protect Bees

Fairview High Students Continue Protecting Bee Colonies

Sahara, Sophie Chen, and Abby Bloomfield at Boulder City Council, Tuesday, April 21, 2015.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015. Fairview Net Zero thanks Boulder City Council for taking on neonicotinoids.

Check out the article reporting from Early Morning News: Fairview High Students Continue Protecting Bees.

See the result of Fairview’s hard work: Bee Safe Boulder.

Fairview students were on the radio, Early Morning News as well!




11 Ways YOU Can Help Save the Bees

By: Sydney Keenan

  1. Plant bee friendly plants such as sunflowers, mint, or daisies.
  2. Be proud of the dandelions in your yard!  Dandelions attract bees and help them to survive.
  3. When you buy plants, make sure they do not contain neonicotinoids. Not many stores sell neonicotinoid free plants, so we need to support the ones that do. Stores that sell nemonic-free plants include Growing Gardens, Timberline Gardens, Harlequin’s Gardens, and Echter’s Nursery Center.
  4. Building off that, we need to encourage and ask stores that don’t sell neonicotinoid free plants to sell them.  Also, we should ask stores to label their products so customers know if a plant is neonicotinoid free or not.
  5. Eat organic food. Organic food is both neonicotinoid free and not a GMO crop- so it’s a win win.
  6. Along with that, eat less corn.  This both environmentally friendly and better for your health.
  7. If you see a bee swarm- don’t freak out and run away. Instead, report it to the swarm hotline.  Swarms are nothing to be afraid of and we need to save all the bees we can.
  8. Join Bee Safe Neighborhood. We need to educate our community about the importance of bees and all the struggles they face. We can’t change a problem if no one knows the problem exists
  9. And best of all, buy and eat local beekeeper’s honey. Not only does this support the beekeepers, but it also supports you. Who doesn’t feel better after eating a spoonful of delicious, local, organic honey? I know I do.
  10. Take a class in beekeeping and become a beekeeper yourself.
  11. Post this list on your HOA website and on your Facebook page so the information is spread around and everyone can help save the bees.

Also, see our Bees page.




In recognition of our work on maintaining our own beehive and raising awareness of the harmful effects of neonicotinoids on bees, Fairview Net Zero has been chosen as GenerationOn‘s National Club of the Month for the month of August! Read the article here.


Dustin Michaels, Head Beekeeper, Ella Hushka, Rosa Lawrence, Daniel Ho, Jaimie Zhu, Lizzy Dresselhaus and Cambria Heuston installed 20,000 bees into our beehive on April 26, 2013.  The following week Katie Li and Dustin Michaels went to check on them.  All is great.


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Current Projects


Writing grants to create and environmental research collection at the Fairview Library.

Researching cities with paper/plastic shopping bag bans and/or fees and presenting the research to Boulder City Council

Running a table on plastics in our oceans at the Ocean’s First Symposium (Done!) Continue reading