Current Projects


Writing grants to create and environmental research collection at the Fairview Library.

Researching cities with paper/plastic shopping bag bans and/or fees and presenting the research to Boulder City Council

Running a table on plastics in our oceans at the Ocean’s First Symposium (Done!)

Competing in the Energy Challenge (Won $3000 and a $750 eGauge for Fairview)

Writing a Generation On grant for powerstrips, efficient light bulbs and environmental documentaries (Got It!)

Auditing the entire 264,000 square foot high school. (Done!)

Creating a video on energy savings for the Green Our Schools competition. (Done!)

Entering the competition for the CRC Youth Conservation Award (2nd Place)

Preparing to become an Ecocycle Green Star school in August, 2012, including getting our pictures in the Ecocycle fundraising letter and writing a grant for composting bins that match the metal recycling bins in the student center.


Getting Boulder to ban or impose a fee on single-use shopping bags.  Urging the City of Boulder to address single-use bags in the city’s 5-year update of the Master Plan for Waste Reduction. (YIPPEE…IT WAS INCLUDED October, 2011)

Speaking at City Council Meetings

  • Working with New ERA Colorado
  • Getting Boulder and Summit students involved
  • Writing letters to the editor
  • Getting people to watch “Bag It!”
  • Working New ERA Colorado’s Creek Fest Booth

Raising $10,000 to become the first EcoCycle Green Star high school in the nation.

Continued work on reducing junk mail at Fairview.