Emma Hutchinson Speaking EPA Plaque '11

Emma Hutchinson Speaking EPA Plaque ’11


PEYA 2012 Speaker Presentations on Environmental Action

PEYA 2012 Speakers

Net Zero was given the 2013 Plan Boulder Environmental Activism Award for their successful work on the plastic bag ordinance.

Net Zero won 1st Place in the national Bag It Plastic Free Schools Competition 2013 with a video produced by Rowan Hussein, Lizzy Dresselhaus, Daniel Ho, Ruthie Wu and Kevin Sun.

In March of 2013, Emma Hutchinson was selected to give a Jr. Ted Talk on Net Zero at Denver’s Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

Fairview Net Zero won the 2012 Presidential Environmental Youth Award Region 8 for the second time.  According to the EPA Region 8, Fairview Net Zero is the only club to win this 6-State Regional award twice.  Net Zero’s work on getting a plastic and paper bag ordinance passed in Boulder persuaded the judges to award Net Zero again.

The Net Zero Club was named the Runner Up for the CRC 2011 Youth Conservation ReWard for its initiative and passion for conserving resources and working towards a more sustainable future.

In 2011 the Fairview Net Zero Club was on the 2011 Superintendent’s Greening BVSD (Boulder Valley School District) Honor Roll for Materials for successfully revamping the waste and recycling system at the school.  This was particularly gratifying as the club was competing with adults.

In 2010 the Fairview Net Zero Club received the very prestigious (one of ten in the country) Region 8 Presidential Environmental Youth Award for the club’s successes in greening Fairview H.S. Read about the PEYA award from the EPA government agency’s website.

In 2010 the Fairview Net Zero Club was named the winning group of the 2010 Fairview Carbon Rally, having the greatest carbon reduction.

In 2009 the members of the club received PEYA Certificates for the funding and planting of 59 trees at Fairview to offset carbon.

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