Summit Net Zero

Summit Geothermal Installation

Summit Geothermal Installation
Summit Geothermal Installation
Summit Geothermal Installation 2008
summit sapling planting ’07
Summit at BVSD Board Meeting ’08

The original Net Zero Club was founded in 2006 at Summit Middle School by a group of 4 students, Shannon Burke, Erin Kirton, Catherine Scott and Peter Repucci.  Their adult sponsors were Mr. Chris Koch, the 8th grade social science teacher and Peter Teasdale, the physics teacher.

Because Mr. Koch was the most exciting teacher ever, students flocked to the club and in 2006 the club had 80 members in the 300 student school.  The original founders made a pitch to the Summit School Board to examine the possibility of replacing the aging furnace with geothermal heating.  They examined the proposal, listened to experts and worked with BVSD to install the first geothermal heating and a/c system in the district at an estimated cost of $400,000. 

In the spring of 2007 the club had grown so much.  They held a bake sale to raise money to send to Kenya to plant trees to offset carbon.  They planted 250 saplings on a ranch near Boulder.

Unfortunately most of those students were 8th graders who soon graduated.  In 2007, Mr. Koch left Summit to work for a start-up company in the environmental industry.

That year Shannon Burke, Anna Royer, Hannah Hyde, Hannah Karpel, Cindy Zou, Iris Belensky, Amy Morgan and Maddy Searchinger got the club back on its feet, getting Mr. Garcia and Mr. Goettche to be the adult sponsors.

Cindy Zou and Shannon Burke planting saplings for Summit Net Zero '07Summit Geothermal Installation